Sober living communities are drug and alcohol-free homes that offer support to individuals transitioning out of active addiction and into normal living. With strict rules in place such as a curfew, and no limit to how long you can stay, sober living communities offer a uniquely stable living environment that most people do not have access to, post addiction recovery centre treatment. 

3 benefits of sober living communities are: 

  1. Full time access to support

Sober living communities have staff on site 24 hours to help out, whether it’s to talk you through a moment of weakness, or to help you find employment. Support also comes from holding each other accountable. In a sober community, the success or failure of other members directly affects the rest of the community. For this reason, there is a healthy sense of accountability held to all residents that gives them purpose while leaving a space to be vulnerable in a tough moment. 

  1. Transitioning into independent living in a controlled environment 

You’ve gone through detox, and gotten a pretty solid hold on your urges. You know your triggers, and how to avoid them., but it takes time to make new habits. In the meantime, there may be times when you are tempted to relapse, post rehab. Sober living communities give you the chance to settle into a new kind of every day life that you can maintain when you go back to normal living. Often it is emotionally challenging situations that urge someone to turn to substance abuse. The sober living community doesn’t stop those emotions from showing themselves, so you still develop the skills needed to soothe yourself. The strict no alcohol or drug policy means that you don’t have access to your safety blanket (drugs and alcohol) in emotionally turbulent moments. For that reason, you will be more likely to reach for the tools you put in your toolbox throughout rehab, instead of reaching for a fix, as you may have if you returned directly to normal living after rehab instead of a sober living community.

  1. Meeting like-minded people 

Part of recovery is letting go of any people that enabled your addiction. Usually that means you have to cut off most if not all people that used to be in your social circle. Humans crave connection, and it’s unrealistic to assume you will stay alone all your life to ensure you do not relapse. In fact, remaining alone for too much time can actually cause someone to relapse because of feelings of loneliness and helplessness. Sober living communities give you the opportunity to create a healthy social circle of like-minded people that can stay in your life even after transitioning back into normal life. There you will be surrounded by people that understand you presently, and who are looking to move forward through life in a like-minded way. In sober living communities, you can develop healthy habits and participate in productive hobbies with people that will carry you through a lifetime. 

Sober living communities are a way to offer yourself another layer of support on your road to recovery. It’s not easy, and no one can do it alone. At sober living homes, you can develop long-lasting skills, habits and friends that will give you the best chance at living the happy, sober life you deserve.