Medical Detox

Detox Is the First Step on Your Journey to Recovery

White Oak Recovery Center’s caring and licensed medical professionals expertly manage the dangerous effects of withdrawal with 24-hour medical care, gently weaning you off physically dependent substances from repeated use. We are dedicated to your safety and comfort during this process, minimizing the discomfort and risk, and fostering your confidence to enter your next phase of addiction treatment, embraced in support.

Many people may think it’s easier to taper off a substance yourself, but trying to stop or trying an at-home detox without medical support can be life-threatening in some cases. Additionally, the withdrawal symptoms may be so uncomfortable and dangerous that they lead to relapse. Feeling extremely sick can make you feel like you need to use even if you want to quit.

what is medical detox

What Is Medical Detox?

Medical detox also called medically assisted detox or medically supervised detox, is the first step in recovering from addiction. Detox is the process of removing harmful substances or toxins from your body. Medical detox is directed at managing intoxication and withdrawal while eliminating the threat of harm with medical supervision and care.

Withdrawal with Expert Medical Care

Withdrawal symptoms begin almost instantly when you stop taking a substance after chronic use. Detox from certain drugs such as opioids (OxyContin, Vicodin, and Percocet), benzodiazepines (Xanax, Ativan, and Valium), stimulants (methamphetamine and cocaine), and alcohol require immediate medical attention, especially when you stop using or quit abruptly, referred to as quitting “cold turkey.” Because of the intensity and dangers of the withdrawals like seizures and other severe physical symptoms, detox should be supervised and assisted by licensed medical professionals.

withdrawal with expert medical care
luxury medical detox

Luxury Medical Detox

We know you want the most painless and relaxed detox possible, and we provide it at White Oak Recovery Center. WORC’s psychiatric nurse practitioner comprehensively performs various evaluations to begin collaboratively creating your evolving, personalized treatment plan and ensure all your medical and personal needs are met, including providing medication-assisted treatment. Our medical and clinical experts understand the difficulties you are going through and are committed to providing the best around-the-clock care and maintaining your dignity by being compassionate and non-judgmental.

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