Family Therapy

Addiction Is a Family Crisis

When family members change their thinking and responses to drug and alcohol abuse, the entire family changes. Family therapy focuses on how the family affects one member’s substance use behaviors and how the family can learn to respond differently. Including family members in addiction treatment therapy can improve treatment outcomes, reduce relapses, and enhance the family’s functioning and well-being.

Our licensed marriage and family therapist at White Oak Recovery Center understands and manages family dynamics to help improve the quality of relationships, teach communication skills, and promote positive reinforcement within the relationships.

worc's family therapy program

WORC’s Family Therapy Program

White Oak Recovery Center‘s weekly family therapy program educates family members on substance use disorders, treatment, and recovery. We are firm believers in family therapy and actively encourage every resident to participate, even if they’re from out-of-state. Our compassionate licensed family therapist virtually holds family therapy sessions when necessary. At the same time, the clinical staff works together to involve the family in different aspects of care to embrace their loved one during and after treatment, ensuring a secure support system at home.

The Importance of Family Therapy

It is well documented that family and social support are the keys to successful long-term recovery for people with substance use and co-occurring disorders. Although, recovery is not a solo journey, it’s a social process. Family members can be a significant source of support for the person struggling with addiction, but they also need recovery support.

the importance of family therapy
benefits of family therapy

Benefits of Family Therapy

Family members benefit greatly just from learning about addiction and recovery, but family therapy helps in various other ways:

  • Improves coping skills
  • Rejects guilt to help find self-acceptance
  • Develops a feeling of unity and strength in sharing their experiences
  • Helps acknowledge the value of relationships within the family
  • Increases a sense of support and reduces feelings of shame and isolation
  • Identifies the effects of substance use disorder on the family
  • Builds communication skills
  • Understands the importance of family support to help sustain recovery from addiction
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