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White Oak saved my life not only did they help me physically but most important they helped me mentally. I felt like I was apart of a family from the staff to the people I was in there with. They truly care about there clients and most staff are in recovery them selves so they can really understand what we go threw. We go to outings have BBQ cookouts there's catered food everyday and the clients are able to make a list of food they like to eat every week that's just a bonus. What's really amazing is the groups if you give your all in this program it could save and change your life for the better. My experience here was very special and ill never forget what they did for me. Shout out to Steven, Casey, Ali, Jody, Eddie, Rob, Loni, Rio, Brandon, Mike, and Alex. Love all of you ill be back to visit and see all the people who I come to call my family away from home. Be patient work the program with an open mind and live in the moment not in the past or future because all you have is the moment your in right now.

Auto Matix


Intimate and comfortable treatment setting. The staff are empathetic and supportive. There are a few gems that make this one of the best possible places for recovery from substance addiction. Hands down one of the best clinical staff I have ever encountered, Kasey is knowledgeable, charismatic, caring and able to help people recover like none other utilizing spiritual, scientific and practical modalities to assist people to recover physically and mentally; she is a true asset to this company and anyone in need of treatment. Other shining stars there are Jodie, Lisa, Mike, Pat, Eddie, Andy and Crystal. These people helped me to save my life, and Kasey is the center of it.

Cheri Martin


I'm getting ready to attend this amazing recovery center. I prayed today that I would be able to find a place where God wanted me to be. I called two recovery centers before this one and, they didn't return my call. Then I called the next one on the list. I was connected with Brandon and then Jack, during my intake conversation. They were amazing! I felt at ease and very comfortable with them because they shared their experience, strength and, hope with me. They shared their stories of their past addiction which helped me feel so hopeful. God answered my prayers and if everything goes as planned, I should be there soon! I want to live not, just exisist. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired! I'm nothing without God... The mighty oak was once a little nut that stood his ground. God help me stand my ground, in Jesus name amen ❤❤❤

Donna Brown Bowles


I would highly recommend this facility. I had been to another rehab before and this was one far better in many ways. The staff was responsive to my needs both physical and emotional. Most have been through recovery themselves and know exactly what you are going through because they have been through it too. Every counselor I met was highly knowledgeable and great at their job. I met a really great group of fellow clients and made great friends with a diverse group of people. If you're thinking about sobriety this is a great place to start.



White Oak Recovery Center was the best thing that ever happened to me. I had the most incredible staff all with different strengths that I needed throughout this journey. I learned so much about myself, but mostly I gained the motivation to continue on this journey and put my sobriety first. The icing on the cake was my housemates. I made the best friends ever here, my sober friends. We started a group chat that is used every day to support each other. So here’s a HUGH shout out to White Oak for helping me to get my life back!

Kamika Kelly

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