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Our stories of recovery:


Staff was awesome in every way. They are knowledgeable and respectful. I really enjoyed my time with them.

john kelley


I felt safe in group and individual sessions. Everyone on staff is respectful and easy to talk to and relatable. I was nervous about treatment but I'm glad I did it and have learned a lot.

Kristy Thompson


White Oak Recovery Centers staff will go above and beyond to help you with literally everything. Any situation that you need handled they will help you with if possible and the groups and interaction with clients were extremely helpful and gave me the necessary time to get better and work on myself in an intimate setting. Thank You to all the staff that helped me in my Journey. We also went on outings and experienced California area and ate like kings. 10/10

Michael Stella


In a all round experience I learned a lot I love how most of the staff here show love and compassion Judah and Steven were very very good counselors they really work one on one to help you the best way’s possible. White oak recovery has had an impact on my life like no other. I’ve been to treatment multiple times, but white oak recovery center has shown me I can be vulnerable and it’s ok not to have my guard up 24/7. Thank you to all the white oak staff clinical and owners for this great experience.

Domonic Larson


My experience was phenomenal…initially I didn't want to go across the country for treatment. I’m so glad I chose to. First, the staff to patient ratio was nearly one to one. Their level of knowledge and expertise was beyond expectations. Can’t imagine going through this without Case Manager Jude, Tech Christopher, and Counselor Steven AND the king of inspiration and real talk Lead Technician Andy. Capacity in one whole house was six! We worked with meditation counselors, breathing experts, and fitness trainers. Mind…Body….Spirit. The relapse prevention work was so important. Food was very good….setting was lovely. I got so much personal direction ~ from meds to addiction insight. This is what treatment should be !

Julia Boyd

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