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Our stories of recovery:


I came to White Oak Recovery broken and addicted to alcohol mentally and physically. I was greated warmly and given time to detox. The atmosphere is wonderful with caring staff that helped me gain the tools I need to carry over after discharge. They really helped to get to the root of my issues as far as my drinking goes and they saved my relationship with the woman I love. I feel very hopeful and confident moving forward in my life!

Travis Ruff


White Oak Recovery has truly helped me get my life back. All staff members are extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of the recovery process and work diligently alongside you to provide you with the best care possible. I came into this program nervous and scared, but everyone here quickly became my second family. I’m forever grateful to have had the opportunity to come to White Oak, and blessed to leave with lifelong friends and a new outlook on life.

Alex Morland


White Oak has been nothing but amazing to me! I am so blessed to have the opportunity to get quality treatment so close to home. I am forever grateful! I would recommend White Oak to anyone in need of quality care! The homes are beautiful and clean! The food is also a wonderful staple, some of the best dinners ever!!! Thanks again White Oak for all you have done to keep me stable and sober! Kasey you already know , you are the best!!!!

Janet Silva


Best recovery center I’ve been to by far. White Oak Recovery provided me the proper tools and care to help get me on the right path. They even took care of setting up my aftercare plan and found a sober living near my work place. The staff is phenomenal and go so far above and beyond. I recommend this center for anyone suffering from drug/alcohol addiction. They were able to find a spot for me same day, so don’t hesitate to call them!

Tara Hale


Both case managers at white oak are splendid people to work with. Nurses are very good at what they do & nothing less on all staff members. Completing/Doing the whole program I’ve learned so much skills I can use in the real world. It has been absolutely a blessing with the people I’ve met at White Oak Roscoe staff is always on there game when it comes to personal needs. I can say 100% I have left this facility with my well-being and mental health at a place I’d never thought I’d get.

Des Yazzie

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