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Are you or someone you care for struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction? An appropriate detox treatment followed by the right rehab program will help you get your life back on track and lead a sober life. However, choosing the right one among various drug and alcohol rehab centers is critical in your transformation from addiction to sobriety.

If you are looking for a reliable rehab center in Los Angeles, California, you can confidently connect to the team at White Oak Recovery. We offer various addiction programs and detox treatments for people. Regardless of the type and duration of addiction, we provide a safe and secure environment to start your journey to sobriety.

How does our residential treatment help you? 

The residential treatment at White Oak Recovery is the right step for a healthy and sober life. At our drug rehabilitation center, patients will be admitted for residential treatment after an appropriate detox program. It is the next level of care after the detox treatment.

Our approach is completely personalized for each patient entering the inpatient treatment program. We have a team of experts who will do a complete assessment of your physical and mental health. We come up with a comprehensive residential treatment plan that ensures you an easy and quick recovery. 

At our inpatient drug rehab center, the patients undergo individual counseling sessions, group therapies, daily therapeutic sessions, medically-supported treatment methods, etc. depending on their condition. By immersing in a nurturing and supportive environment, our patients get used to a new lifestyle grounded on sobriety. The patients acquire essential skills under our counselors to lead a sober life. Residential treatment makes the process of learning and practicing new habits much more effective.  

As one of the reputed rehab centers in Northridge, we understand that patients go through various other emotional and mental health challenges along with addiction. We employ a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses the various health challenges that the patient goes through.

We have highly-trained physicians, assistants, and qualified nursing staff that stay attentive and compassionate to the patients throughout the residential treatment program. We ensure the patient goes through a comfortable and safe transformation to sobriety. By addressing the other factors that encourage patients to addictive substances, we can increase the chance of successful recovery. 

The duration of the residential treatment varies with people and depends on the severity and type of addiction. However, we promise you to speed up the process while ensuring you effective and safe recovery. 

Our committed care, medically-assisted treatment methods, and on-going support explain the excellent success rate in addiction treatment programs at White Oak Recovery center. Our inpatient drug rehabilitation center has a proven record of helping hundreds of people lead an addiction-free life.

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