Methadone Detox

Medically assisted detox treatment for methadone addiction



Why Choose White Oak Recovery for Methadone Detox Treatment? 

Medically-assisted methadone detox

Methadone addiction can lead to numerous complications if left untreated. It needs to be detoxed completely and properly from the body to prepare you for the rehab program. At White Oak Recovery, we come up with medically assisted methadone detox programs and employ methods and procedures that are backed by evidence. 

Compassionate Care
At White Oak Recovery, we have a team of well-trained staff who are committed to taking care of the patients throughout the detox treatment. We work with a goal to speed up the detox process and help the patients enter the rehab program as quickly as possible while ensuring they have a smooth and comfortable detox experience. 

24-Hour Support

We understand methadone detox can cause severe withdrawal symptoms in patients. Therefore, we ensure round-the-clock care and support for people joining for methadone detox treatment. We are always available for you throughout the detox treatment and help you cleanse your body from methadone in a safe and comfortable way. 

Allow Our Professionals to Guide You

If you are looking for ‘inpatient detox near me’ in Northridge, California, you can confidently get in touch with us. The methadone detox treatment program at White Oak Recovery will help you successfully detox your body and prepare you for the rehab program. After the successful completion of the detox treatment, you can join the rehab program at our drug rehabilitation center. 

Call Now for Professional Guidance


Are you looking for an ‘inpatient detox near me’ in the Northridge, California area? Feel free to give us a call. One of our compassionate team members is readily available to answer your queries and take you through our advanced detox treatment program.  

We help you understand what is medical detox and how it helps you in your recovery path. For some people, medical detox may not be necessary. If you are thinking is medical detox necessary for you, you can give us a call. We help you choose the right and effective path to recovery. 

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