Levels of Care

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At White Oak Recovery, we are committed to making your journey to sobriety effective and comfortable. We offer multiple levels of care and stand by your side in each step to make your transformation easy. By trusting on our team, you can ensure excellent and effective care, which has made us one of the most-trusted Intensive Inpatient programs in California.

Detox Treatment Program

As a reputed residential treatment center, we understand how difficult the withdrawal symptoms could be for some people. Therefore we come up with a medically supervised detox treatment program where the patients get 24-hour nursing care. After our initial consultation, our medical assessment team will determine the level of support you will need during detoxification. Our medical and therapeutic team will continue to monitor and guide you throughout the detoxification process. The dedicated team here ensures your concerns and withdrawal symptoms are rightly and timely addressed.

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

Our inpatient alcohol rehab program is a further step after the detox program. At White Oak Recovery, our highly-qualified and well-trained staff offers intensive care throughout your recovery program. The inpatient rehab programs ensure 24-hour care, daily counseling sessions, and medical detox support so that all needs of the patients are met promptly. You will have access to community support groups as well. 

By immersing in the nurturing environment of our inpatient treatment, you can easily address the various challenges in your recovery program. The inpatient treatment plan allows our caretakers to observe, understand, and effectively take care of you to pass through the recovery phase. With the unrelenting support and individualized attention you get in our inpatient rehab program, you can smoothly progress further with the recovery process quickly.

Outpatient alcohol treatment

For people who can’t stay away from work or home but still have the motivation to lead a sober life, our outpatient alcohol treatment is the right option for you. It works if you have mild or moderate substance abuse symptoms. In case you have severe symptoms, you need inpatient treatment

Our outpatient alcohol program helps you to stabilize your health while ensuring the required knowledge, skill, and resources to help you free from addiction. You can opt for partial hospitalization as well if you need added support as an outpatient. If you are searching for ‘outpatient alcohol treatment near me’ in Northridge, California, please feel free to talk to our representatives.  

“Upon entering, I knew this facility was different from the facilities I had attended before. I immediately felt a connection with the staff and knew I was safe. ” – April G.

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Are you are asking yourself ‘is medical detox necessary’? Feel free to speak to our team members who are dedicated to making your recovery journey successful and smooth. We are happy to answer your queries round-the-clock! 

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