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Inpatient Heroin Detox

Heroin is a derivative of morphine and is one of the highly addictive substances. If heroin addiction is left unattended, it can lead to various dangers. Also, recovery from heroin addiction can be challenging for most people. Moreover, it can cause severe health risks when people stop taking heroin abruptly. Therefore heroin detox treatment under a medical team becomes essential when you want to get rid of heroin addiction. 

Is Detox The Same As Rehab?

The answer is no. To say goodbye to drug addiction and lead a drug-free life, you need an appropriate rehab program. But drug detox treatment is the initial step to a rehab program. A medically-assisted drug detox program will help you to cleanse your body in a safe and comfortable manner.

 Before you join a rehab program, you should search for ‘drug detox near me’ and choose the apt one. There are various free detox centers that help you complete the detox treatment successfully and help you move further to the rehab process. By joining a free center, you don’t have to worry about how much is detox treatment and whether you can afford it. 

Allow Us to Guide You in Recovery

At White Oak Recovery, our well-trained team can assist you in your drug detox journey. Our medically-assisted and most intensive detox treatment will help you cope up with the withdrawal symptoms successfully. 

As a reputed and experienced drug rehabilitation center, we understand the various challenges a person undergoes while trying to quit heroin addiction. Our treatment plan is formulated with a goal to make the transformation as smooth as possible for each of our patients.

We have a well-trained and expert medical team that is compassionate and knowledgeable to stand by your side in your journey to a better life. Our individually-focused heroin detox program has been proven to be highly effective for many people regardless of the severity of substance abuse. After completion of the drug detox program, you can join the appropriate rehab program with us.

We are better equipped to maintain a high staff-to-patient ratio so that you feel attended and cared throughout the treatment program. Although the duration of detox varies with the person, we will work with you to make it quickly in a safe environment. You can ensure effective recovery from your heroin addiction with us!

Is detox the same as rehab?

Detox is not a substitute for your rehabilitation program. A medical detox program cleanses the body and makes it ready for the rehab program. Detox is the first step of recovery which makes your journey to sobriety smooth and comfortable. 

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Are you looking for an ‘inpatient detox near me’ in the Northridge, California area? Feel free to give us a call. One of our compassionate team members is readily available to answer your queries and take you through our advanced detox treatment program.  

We help you understand what is medical detox and how it helps you in your recovery path. For some people, medical detox may not be necessary. If you are thinking is medical detox necessary for you, you can give us a call. We help you choose the right and effective path to recovery. 

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