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Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

With prolonged alcohol usage, your body may become dependent on alcohol leading to a condition which is referred to as alcohol-use disorder or alcoholism. Living with alcoholism can become worse for your physical as well as mental health. Hence it is important to seek the service of a medical detox center and take the first step to lead a sober life if you or someone you love struggle with alcoholism. 

Wondering what an alcohol detox program is? A medical alcohol detox program cleanses your body and prepares you for the rehab program. It offers the required clinical and medical support when you undergo detox from alcohol. 

How Can Medical Alcohol Detox Help?

Many times people ask us – ‘is detox the same as rehab?’ If you have the same question, here is your solution. 

Alcohol can cause severe physical dependence, and your body may struggle to function without it. Hence you may have severe withdrawal symptoms, which may sometimes become life-threatening. 

By choosing an effective medical alcohol detox program, you can detoxify your body in a safe environment where you will have trained staff to guide you in dealing with the withdrawal symptoms. Therefore you can easily cope up with various discomforts, and withdrawal symptoms caused due to alcoholism and successfully move further to the rehab program.    

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Group therapy sessions for inpatient treatment

“I was detoxed medically and then I was able to join groups to learn about recovery and what I needed to do to stay sober. I have learned a lot at White Oak Recovery.” – Kyle T.

Professional Guidance is One Call Away

Welcome to White Oak Recovery – a residential drug rehabilitation center in Northridge, California. If you are in need of a medically assisted detox treatment to lead a sober life, we are the team you can trust. We offer various addiction treatment programs, including alcoholism treatment, which will help you get your life back on track. 

At White Oak Recovery, our team is wholly committed to helping you come out of alcohol addiction smoothly and comfortably. Each one in our team is well-trained and experienced in helping people deal with the withdrawal symptoms. Our compassionate staff will be readily available for support 24 hours a day so you can rely on us when you struggle to cope up with the withdrawal symptoms.

We employ evidence-backed and medically-assisted programs to offer you the required support while you flush out alcohol from your system. We offer inpatient as well as outpatient programs for helping you quit alcohol addiction. After completion of the detox program, we can work with you to frame a personalized alcoholism treatment plan ahead. 

If you are wondering is medical detox necessary, we recommend you get in touch with our team. For some people, it may not be necessary. Our clinically-trained staff can speak to you and help you determine the right path.  

Is detox the same as rehab?

Detox is not a substitute for your rehabilitation program. A medical detox program cleanses the body and makes it ready for the rehab program. Detox is the first step of recovery which makes your journey to sobriety smooth and comfortable. 

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