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White Oak Recovery Center

Our mission at White Oak Recovery is to help people find meaningful and lasting freedom from addiction. By creating a safe, comfortable, and healing environment staffed by highly skilled and compassionate therapists, White Oak is the place where personal transformation occurs. 

We offer various addiction treatment methods, ensuring you find a treatment plan catered to your needs. Our intimate setting holds a maximum of 6 residents, enabling our clinical team to structure an individualized treatment plan that promotes long term recovery for each resident.

White oak recovery

19404 Roscoe Boulevard, Northridge, California 91324

How Addiction Plays a Role in Domestic Violence

In over half of the domestic violence cases reported, substance abuse was a key factor in facilitating, exaggerating, and enabling the violence to occur.  Domestic violence and drugs: The perfect storm After multiple studies, it has been noted that the consumption of...

Making Amends With Others

When an individual is suffering from an addiction, one of the first signs is behaving in ways that are contradictory to the person's usual character. As a result, often bridges are burned and meaningful relationships are destroyed because of the lying, stealing, and...

3 Benefits of Sober Living Communities

Sober living communities are drug and alcohol-free homes that offer support to individuals transitioning out of active addiction and into normal living. With strict rules in place such as a curfew, and no limit to how long you can stay, sober living communities offer...

3 Tips to Successful Teletherapy

For many people in early recovery, the idea of a teletherapy session may seem intimidating. Do not let this stop you from seeking help. Teletherapy occurs virtually and can be just as powerful as an in-person session, it works if you work it.  As safety precautions...

Is Melatonin Addicting?

Studies on Melatonin have shown it’s antioxidant effects can strengthen the body’s immune system. This naturally occurring hormone is essential for sleep regulation, otherwise known as the circadian rhythm. For women, melatonin also plays an important role in the...

How to Balance Addiction During Easter

Two Words To You Boundaries and communication. Without these, whether it be for yourself or for others, there is not a chance at existing in harmony. Dedicating time ahead of the holidays to make a plan and discuss everyone's concerns is a great way to ensure every...

How COVID-19 Threatens Sobriety

The Outbreak of COVID-19 has rapidly changed every aspect of our daily lives. The virus has posed serious threats and challenges to those working towards or trying to maintain sobriety.  If you feel like it's becoming more difficult to manage your sobriety since...

Is Quitting Drugs Cold Turkey Dangerous?

You wake up one morning and decide that today will be the day you turn your life around. Today is the day you’re quitting drugs, cold turkey. When a moment of inspiration overcomes us, it's normal to want to just jump in. It's the burning desire to take back control...

Is Ketamine Treatment Really Safe?

Ketamine is a drug long used as an anesthetic. Recently, many ketamine treatment centers have opened up across the United States with the intention of helping people who are struggling from a range of emotional obstacles. Depression, anxiety, grief, and PTSD are just...

Meditation for Sobriety: Does It Help?

Day by day the world moves at a faster pace and continues to be filled with distractions. With that, the concept of sitting still and taking a moment to just be is becoming more and more foreign. Whenever negative feelings arise, we’ve conditioned ourselves to shut...

Our facilities

The White Oak Recovery Center

Your recovery finds its rhythm in a serene, comfortable residential environment.

A New Beginning

The healing process takes time, but our drug addiction treatment center will help you feel right at home in our comfortable space. At White Oak Recovery, you’ll take your first step towards sober living, with friendly staff and residents to guide you into recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

We follow a 12-step recovery program and offer an optional Christian path for spiritual growth. Our goal is to give you the tools to survive outside of our walls. For many, the opportunity to take your life back is worth fighting for. We hope you have the strength to join us and thrive in our community. We are the leading drug rehab center in Northridge Los Angeles.

Inpatient rehab programs ensure 24-hour care, daily counseling sessions, and medical detox support so that all needs of the patients are met promptly. You will have access to community support groups as well. 

By immersing in the nurturing environment of our Residential Treatment, you can easily address the various challenges in your recovery program. The residential treatment at White Oak Recovery is the right step for a healthy and sober life. At our drug rehabilitation center, patients will be admitted for residential treatment after an appropriate detox program. It is the next level of care after the detox treatment.

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White oak recovery

19404 Roscoe Boulevard,

Northridge, California 91324