Rooted In Recovery

White Oak Recovery Center is committed to transforming lives impacted by addiction through custom treatment tailored to your individualized needs for meaningful, lasting recovery.

Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment

At White Oak Recovery Center, our residential treatment facility provides intensive, individualized, and entirely customizable treatment plans to meet your evolving needs and create the foundation for lifelong recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

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About WORC

We specialize in treating the roots of addiction to heal the whole person, not just the substance abuse.

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Where a seed of recovery takes root

Questions About White Oak Recovery Center?

Why the White Oak?

The white oak tree was chosen as our name and inspiration due to its remarkable ability to grow deep roots and notably strong branches.

The deep roots and sturdy branches of the white oak tree provide its strength and durability. It supplies nourishment by producing acorns, the most valuable food source for wildlife.

Like the white oak tree, your journey of healing and recovery with White Oak Recovery Center will provide a place of nourishment and strength, allowing you to deepen your emotional, physical, and spiritual roots and build resilience to life’s challenges.
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