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Intensive inpatient care ensures the highest level of care and treatment for people suffering from alcohol or drug addiction. It includes detox treatment as well as rehab programs to help people lead an addiction-free life.   

White Oak Recovery is one of the trusted rehab centers in California offering intensive inpatient treatment for various alcohol and drug addictions. We work intending to help people gain lasting freedom from addiction and lead a sober life. We offer intensive inpatient treatment, outpatient programs, and partial hospitalization. We set the foundation right for a sober life for each of the residents.

Why White Oak Recovery for intensive inpatient treatment? 

At White Oak Recovery, our inpatient treatment plan involves group therapy, individual health assessments, wellness and fitness activities, counseling sessions, spiritual care, etc. After the completion of the rehab program, we ensure that you receive appropriate continuous care so that you can successfully lead a sober life ahead. 

Individualized Treatment Plan

Our inpatient drug rehab center in Northridge, California has a maximum capacity of 6 residents, which makes it possible for us to devise an individualized treatment plan that ensures effective and long-term recovery for each of the residents. We take into account the additional medical needs of the patient while proposing the detox treatment as well as the rehab program. We weigh out various factors to come up with the right level of rehab program and detox treatment for you.  

A Safe and Supportive Environment

We intend to make your transformation to sober life safe and comfortable. Our treatment plan starts with a detailed assessment of your health status, mental condition, and the history of substance use. The treatment plan will address your specific needs and challenges for making it more safe and effective. Our inpatient drug rehabilitation facility ensures the perfect, safe, and supportive environment for various drug and alcohol addiction programs.

A Compassionate Team

We have a multi-disciplinary team that will work compassionately with each of the patients in our inpatient drug rehabilitation center. Our team includes physicians, psychologists, licensed therapists, nutritionists, and wellness and fitness specialists to ensure a comprehensive treatment plan for you. They stay attentive and compassionate to your needs and conditions so that you feel comfortable.   

On-Going Recovery Support

After getting discharged from intensive inpatient, we provide on-going recovery support and reliable follow-up care to reduce the risk of a relapse. We ensure our patients continue with the sober life in their home environment post our rehab program

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White Oak Recovery is one of the trusted drug and alcohol rehab centers in California. If you would like to know further about our intensive inpatient treatment, please speak to one of our representatives. 

Help is just a call away if you are struggling with any type of drug or alcohol addiction, feel free to call us. We ensure you a smooth journey to a sober life.

We have become a small family and I now have people in my life I can trust and rely on. I am forever grateful for everything I learned here. I made the right choice by coming to White Oak.

Kyle T.

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